We want to conduct long-term testing on our organoids, but we have trouble keeping them much past 24 hours. Do you have any advice on extending our culture?


Generating organoids is a delicate procedure and requires adjustments and testing for the specific cells and applications used. Culturing organoids is a likewise sensitive process and the specific requirements of the cells and the organoids needs to be evaluated.

The successful generation and long-term culture of organoids depends on many factors, including:

  • Cell type (stem cells? From which organ?)
  • Culture conditions (culture conditions, medium, ECMs used ?)
  • Cell challenges (Low viability, organoids that disassemble, etc.)
  • What assay is planned after the generation of the organoids?

Since this information is not outlined in this question, we wanted to share some helpful technical documents on the generation and culture of organoids for a period longer than 24 hours:

Application Notes:

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