What is the best method for thaw of T cell samples from multiple labs. I don’t know each freezing protocol, so is there a best one size fits all method?


Several cryopreservation protocols have been successfully reported for T-cells. However, the best protocol of cryopreservation for your T-cell needs to be modified by your own testing since there are a variety of factors for successful cell freezing (please refer to Question #7 and #8 for detailed information). For cryoprotectant, many authors have used 5-10% DMSO with Fetal Calf Serum (FCS) or Human Serum Albumin (HAS), and they emphasized an appropriate cooling rate (-1°C per minute or slower) in T-cells(1,2,3). Please note that “There are reports on loss of response and reduced T-cell functions in frozen cells compared to freshly isolated cells and loss of antigen recognition of T-cells that increases with prolongation of freezing time”(4).

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