The Dish’s Weekly Biotechnology News Wrap Up – June 5, 2015

This week’s biotechnology news headlines include, US cancer trial to look at matching genetics with drugs, Novartis and Juno plan new CART clinical trials, cancer breakthroughs spur big pharma deals, orphan drugs will remain attractive targets, Astellas and Anokion launch collaboration, new research on Lyme Disease treatment, and Novartis opts not to buy Gamida Cell.

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  • BIO International Convention – June 15-18, 2014 – Philadelphia, PA
  • Viral Safety and Raw Materials Congress – June 24-25, 2015 – Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen – Vienna, Austria us at this year’s Viral Safety and Raw Materials Congress taking place in Vienna on the 24th-25th June to network and exchange with leading industry representatives, regulatory bodies and top level technology providers from across the globe to discuss and debate the latest trends in this changing sector.Packed with case studies, interactive tutorials, discussion panels and workshops, the conference agenda will provide you with key take home messages to benchmark your businesses’ strategies with regards to safeguarding against viral contamination enhancing the quality of your products.Covering all the key topics within the field of viral safety for biologics and raw materials, hear the latest on next generation detection technologies, supplier auditing, risk assessment techniques and raw material analytics from leading players including Roche, Genzyme, Sanofi Pasteur, Crucell and Abbott.For more information, please visit the event website: (please hyperlink to:



“Large U.S. cancer trial to match genetic glitches to targeted drugs,” Reuters

“The National Cancer Institute in July will start enrolling patients in a clinical trial seeking to match the underlying genetic defect driving a person’s tumor with one or more of 20 approved or experimental drugs targeting that gene.”

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“Novartis, Juno Killer T-Cells Show Promise In Another Blood Cancer,” Forbes

“The genetically altered, cancer-killing T-cells known as CARTs showed dramatic results in non-Hodgkin lymphoma as the two leading players, the Swiss drug giant Novartis and the Seattle upstart Juno Therapeutics, pushed forward with new clinical trials.”

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“Cancer breakthroughs trigger big pharma interest in drugs and deals,” The Guardian

“The new generation of drugs hailed as a once-in-a-generation advance in treatment for cancer patients is also viewed as good news for the pharmaceutical industry – just when analysts had started to voice concerns that the pipeline of blockbuster treatments in development was starting to run dry.”

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“Here’s Why Orphan Drugs Will Remain Attractive M&A Targets,” The Wall Street Journal

Amid the mergers-and-acquisitions boom in the pharmaceutical industry, one trend is increasingly discernable – orphan drugs are a desirable target. In fact, half of the recent acquisitions among drug makers and biotechs involved an orphan drug, according to Moody’s Investor Service. Of 18 deals announced since August, nine involved an orphan drug, which is used to treat a rare disease.”

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“Astellas, Anokion Launch Up-to-$760M Collaboration,” Genetic Engineering News

“Astellas Pharma and Anokion said today they will collaborate on research aimed at developing new treatments for type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, and possibly a third indication, in a deal that could generate $760 million for Anokion.”

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“Northeastern team solves mystery of recurring Lyme disease, offers a solution,” Fierce Biotech Research

“Lyme disease is a poorly diagnosed and often little understood threat that affects hundreds of thousands of people each year. Now the high-profile Northeastern University Professor Kim Lewis and his team of graduate students and colleagues say they’ve made some keen breakthroughs in understanding why Lyme disease can be so hard to eradicate and how it might best be treated.”

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“Novartis turns down right to buy Israeli stem cell group,” PharmaTimes

“Swiss drug giant Novartis has decided not buy Israel-headquartered stem cell specialist Gamida Cell.”

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