Matrices for Cell Culture – How to develop healthy attachment.

By on August 5, 2013
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Matrices for Cell Culture – How to develop healthy attachment.

According to the dictionary there are many definitions for the word matrix .  From my point of view the following three pertain to cell culture; 1)  a substance in which something is embedded or enclosed; 2) a situation or set of circumstances that allows or encourages the origin, development, or growth of something and; 3) the substance that exists between cells and from which tissue., for example, cartilage and bone, develops.

Many of the common cell types we use are robust and grow on cell culture treated plastic.  However there are many cell types that have difficulty attaching and/or spreading on cell culture treated plastic.  In other cases, cells may attach but not differentiate unless the attachment surface correct.  To learn more about matrices or if you are using them and have questions, this Ask The Expert topic is your chance to learn more about attachment surfaces and the rationale for using them.

This Ask the Expert Session is Sponsored by Life Technologies and hosted by Timothy Fawcett, Ph.D.  Dr. Fawcett has been in the biotechnology business for over 30 years.  Trained as a biochemist he has held senior positions in both academics and industry and has been a mentor to many young scientists throughout his career.

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