Serum, Methods and Considerations for Use

By on March 24, 2014
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The use of serum for the culture of cells may be a century old, but still a mainstay in cell culture applications. It is the foundation for many research protocols. There are many aspects to be considered in the selection, handing and use of serum. Ensuring consistent performance in given application can be achieved through selecting an appropriate product and maintaining the product throughout its use.

These topics and more will be covered during our Ask the Expert session – Serum, methods and considerations for use. If you have questions about serum – how to use it in cell culture, how to decide which type is best for you, sourcing considerations, product quality questions or any other serum related matters, please submit your questions now.

This Ask the Expert Session is Sponsored by Life Technologies and hosted by David Judd.

David is the product manager of global research sera products for the Biosciences Division of ThermoFisher Scientific. David has worked for ThermoFisher for 24 years in cell culture products and applications. David has a broad array of experience in development of media for primary cells and cell lineDavids. He has developed manufacturing processes, cell assays, biochemical analysis, cell culture processes and downstream recovery strategies. He has stepped out of the lab in order to find new ways to provide new workflow solutions for serum products for cell culture applications.

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