Got mRNA? Solve DNA transfection issues with mRNA transfection

By on October 13, 2014
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Typically, DNA enters the nucleus when cells divide because cell division creates small nuclear pores. In non-dividing primary cells DNA doesn’t enter the nucleus making these cells very hard-to-transfect. If DNA entry is a bottleneck, why not deliver mRNA directly?

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Nektaria is here to help answer any questions. What’s the best way to transfect mRNA? Which reagent should I use? Can I transfect primary cells with a reagent? How do I prepare an mRNA template from DNA? What’s the protocol? These are just some examples of the type of questions to be covered in this Ask the Expert Session.

This Ask the Expert Session is Sponsored by Life Technologies and hosted by Nektaria Andronikou. Nektaria joined Life Technologies in 2010 and is currently working with the transfection team on the development of new delivery methods targeting relevant cellular models that will enable the use of exciting new technologies. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with a minor in Cellular and Molecular Biology from UCSD. She began her professional career at ISIS Pharmaceuticals, as a research associate for the Cardiovascular Drug Discovery program, screening numerous pre-clinical targets that led to the discovery of the now FDA approved antisense drug, Kynamro.

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