Can you recommend good and inexpensive Serum-Free Insect Cells media? I know that words good and inexpensive can not often be used in one sentence, but one can always hope… I am currently growing SF9 cells in SFM from Allele Biotech and having good results in maintaining cell culture and protein expression. However it is quite expensive($70 for 1L). Can anybody say anything about BD Bioscience BaculoGold or Corning Mediatech SF media? Any other media suggestions would be very much welcome and appreciated.


Serum-Free media are expensive but do outperform serum containing media. To be honest with you I have used Gibco’s Sf900. Sf900II and Sf900III and several other manufactures serum-free media and the new Sf900 III media is the best I have used. The problem you will face if you switch is adapting your cells to a new media. I went over adaptation in a previous question today that is archived on this site. I have done studies comparing media and when I say outperform I mean with both virus titer when amplifying your virus and also for recombinant protein expression. I think you stated it correctly that good and inexpensive don’t go together when talking about a SFM culture media.

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