We are working on the adaptation of adherent Vero cells to suspension culture under serum-free conditions. Especially the step towards stirred systems showed increased formation of cell clumps, decreased cell growth and, thus, cell stagnation or cell death. Do you believe that an adaptation of Vero cells into suspension is feasible? Which strategy would you target: media design/ optimization or cell adaptation/ luck of getting a clone which finally prevails?


Generating Vero suspension cells, will be a challenge and there are several aspects which will be very important to consider:

· Media should include fluids which reduce shear forces, if the cells are being grown in a shaking format

· It may be necessary to screen many cells, to find a clone which might have the ability to grow in a suspension format

· It may be necessary to continually passage cells, until the suspension adapated cells finally prevail

· May want to try formulations of media designed for suspension cells

Here is a link with some additional information that may be helpful – http://www.lifetechnologies.com/us/en/home/references/protocols/cell-culture/serum-protocol/adaptation-of-cell-cultures-to-a-serum-free-medium.html

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