What do you recommend for evaluating cell viability with fluorescent imaging?


It depends on what you want to do. Newer fluorescent assays for cell viability work the same way as the older non-fluorescent counterparts. Viability assays work by taking advantage of membrane permeability loss in compromised cells. Therefore the dyes are influxed into the cell where they bind DNA. Unbound dyes do not fluoresce. An example is the HCS LIVE/DEAD Green Kit or the LIVE/DEAD CEll Imaging Kit. The HCS Mitochondrial Health Kit also indicates mitochondrial health for ever better sensitivity to cell health. The reason I like these kits are that they are very easy to use and they are reliable. Here is a link for more information. http://www.lifetechnologies.com/us/en/home/life-science/cell-analysis/cell-viability-and-regulation/cell-viability/mammalian-cell-viability.html

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