Ask the Expert – Monoclonal Antibody Production and the Culturing of Mouse Hybridoma Cells

By on July 1, 2013
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Monoclonal Antibody Production and the Culturing of Mouse Hybridoma Cells.
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The production and maintenance of a hybridoma cell begins with the fusion of a specific antibody producing B cell, to a cancer B cell called a myeloma, which does not produce an antibody by itself.  Fusion results in an immortalized line called a hybridoma that will faithfully produce a specific antibody against a single epitope called a monoclonal antibody.  Once produced, proper maintenance and culturing is required to maximize the performance and continued production of the antibody in question.   Have you ever wondered how this is done? Are you fusing cells to produce your own monoclonal antibodies or wondering about your culturing options.  This is your opportunity to ask questions about monoclonal antibody production and the culturing of mouse hybridoma cells.

This Ask the Expert Session is Sponsored by Life Technologies and is hosted by Timothy Fawcett, Ph.D. Dr. Fawcett has been in the biotechnology business for over 30 years. Trained as a biochemist he has held senior positions in both academics and industry and has been a mentor to many young scientists throughout his career.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to ask our expert a question and participate in a lively discussion of hybridoma cell culture!

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