Innovations in Cultureware

By on July 22, 2013
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Innovations in Cultureware

In the past cultureware has mostly been focused on culturing standard cell lines that have historically been easy to culture. However, with the explosion of stem cell culture and the now common practice of culturing many different cell types, cultureware has needed to evolve as well. Over the years, improvements have been developed to increase the success of cultureware and to provide a more hospitable cell-growing environment, including innovations like gas-plasma treatment and biological extracellular matrices. Yet there is still opportunity to improve cultureware and address some of the most common challenges cell culture scientists face. Please join us and submit your questions about cultureware, please share your challenges and also questions you may have about the latest products in this area.

This week’s session is hosted by Dr. Graziella Mendonsa, Product Manager at MIDSCI since 2011. She obtained her Ph.D. and T32 NIH Post-doctoral fellowship from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, in addition to a BA degree in Biochemistry and Biology with an Honors in Biochemistry from Knox College. Her experience as a scientist and an end-user of MIDSCI’s extensive product portfolio during her educational training, prepared her for her current roles of product launch, evaluation and marketing at MIDSCI. With her extensive background in tissue culture, she is excited to be immersed in technological advancements provided by MIDSCI’s premium cell cultureware line TPP and the latest breakthroughs in the N3D Bioscience product line distributed nationally by MIDSCI.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to ask Dr. Mendonsa a question and participate in a lively discussion about cultureware!

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