Fluorescent Cell Testing Measures – Assessing cell proliferation and cell health using flow cytometry and imaging platforms

By on February 24, 2014
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Cell Proliferation assays are an important set of fluorescence based tests that can monitor cell health, cell division, and cell proliferation using a variety of techniques involving flow cytometry and imaging platforms. From DNA content cell cycle, to tracking of generational cell division, to simple viability and vitality measurements, there are assays that can provide a rich data set to answer simple or complex questions and provide direction for future experimentation.

Are my cells alive? Are my cells dividing and proliferating? Are my cells healthy? Are you having issues with cell cycle measurements? In this ask-an-expert session, we invite you to ask questions around fluorescent testing measuring cell proliferation and assessing cell health using flow cytometry and imaging platforms.

This Ask the Expert Session is Sponsored by Life Technologies and hosted by Jolene Bradford, R&D Associate Director in Eugene, Oregon, USA working in the Biosciences Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Life Technologies). Jolene joined Molecular Probes® Labeling and Detection Technologies in 2001, where she has developed new reagents and assays for the flow cytometry platform. Well versed in fluorescent assays to evaluate proliferation and cellular health, Jolene has provided numerous webinars and seminars on the topics. She has been an invited instructor at many flow cytometry training courses and workshops, both in the US and abroad. More recently she has been involved in developing acoustic cytometry. Prior to joining Molecular Probes, Jolene spent over 20 years in healthcare performing clinical laboratory testing as a specialist in hematology and flow cytometry.

Don’t miss the chance to ask your cell culture media related questions, session starts today!

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