Troubleshooting Cell Culture Media for Bioprocessing

By on February 17, 2014
Ask the Expert

Cell culture media, including basal media and feeds, are key elements impacting the performance of bioprocesses. Advancements in cellular and metabolic understanding, coupled with high throughput applications, have led to evolved approaches in medium development and optimization resulting in innovative cell culture media with desired characteristics to meet specific needs.

However, challenges associated with the use of cell culture media still exist.  Examples include manufacturability, subpar stability, inconsistent performance and/or underperformance in terms of productivity and quality attributes.  In some cases, troubleshooting efforts can be guided by learned know-how but in other circumstances a systematic approach is necessary to identify the root cause.  In this Ask the Expert session, we invite you to participate in discussions on experience and lessons learned around cell culture media troubleshooting. Please submit your questions about cell culture media for bioprocessing.

This Ask the Expert Session is Sponsored by GE Healthcare Life Sciences and hosted by Peggy Lio, Director of Process Science, GE Healthcare Life Sciences. Ms. Lio is responsible for leading the technical applications strategy for the US cell culture business. She joined GE from Life Technologies where she was responsible for the development of PD-Direct Bioprocess custom cell line and cell culture media optimization service programs globally.  She also led an applications team charged with scientific support of new cell line and media products as well as process development.  Prior to Life Technologies, Peggy held roles of increasing responsibility with Schering-Plough Corp., where she ultimately became Section Leader with responsibility for mammalian and microbial fermentation process development for a variety of biotechnology based therapeutics. Peggy has over 30 years of extensive technical and commercial experience in bioprocessing along with multiple honors and awards from Schering and Life Technologies.

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