Ask the Expert – Enabling Stem Cell Therapy Biomanufacturing using Dissolvable Microcarriers

By on November 27, 2017
Ask the Expert

Cell culture on microcarriers is an increasingly important technique for the production of large cell quantities and the scale-up of cell therapy applications. Microcarriers—small, spherical beads used to grow adherent cells in a suspension culture—offer several advantages for large-scale cell culture: Because they are suspended, microcarriers allow for a maximized surface area-to-volume ratio. Single-vessel conditions make microcarriers amenable to scale-up applications. Microcarriers also offer the ability to monitor and control physiological conditions when used in bioreactors.

As cell therapies become more common in clinics, there is need for more streamlined scale-up, process robustness, cost efficiency, and regulatory compliance. To meet this need, Corning® has developed a new generation of microcarriers which can be dissolved with a solution of EDTA and pectinase. This new dissolvable microcarrier technology allows cells to be recovered without the need for microcarrier separation. This gentle cell harvest is more ideal than traditional microcarriers for cell therapy applications.

This Ask the Expert session will aim to answer all of your questions about dissolvable microcarriers as a next generation technology for stem cell therapy.

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