Do all types of Corning Matrigel matrix support hESC culture?


Not always. Corning offers hESC-qualified Corning Matrigel matrix (Corning Cat. No. 354277) which is QC tested for hESC maintenance to ensure consistency, reproducibility, and reliability in performance. This product has been qualified for use with STEMCELL Technologies’ mTeSR™1 medium. It has been shown that human embryonic stem cells grown in mTeSR1 on Corning Matrigel matrix hESC-qualified matrix-coated plates for five passages remain undifferentiated by standard morphology and surface marker expression.

In addition, Corning BioCoat™ Matrigel matrix 6-well plates (Corning Cat. No. 354671) are ready to use and offer lot-to-lot consistency for culturing human ES cells while maintaining their ability for self-renewal and pluripotency. Although non-hESC-qualified Corning Matrigel matrix may work for this application, the results may vary because these products are not qualified for use with hES cells.

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