What other applications can perfusion be used for besides N-1?


Perfusion technology is a tool to increase productivity and can be applied at different stages in the upstream cell culture, for example :

Cell banks: cells can be grown in creating cell banks since higher cell density can be obtained large number of vials can be generated or bags at a very high cell density that can be used later to start the seed train or even the production bioreactor

Seed train intensification: Higher cell density reached as we pass cells previous to the reactor and can inoculate reactor with higher cell density, in addition bioreactor steps can be skipped

Production bioreactor: Perfusion can be applied in the production reactor at different production modes

  • Concentrated fed batch: where no  product is removed
  • Steady State: constant removal of product and cells reach steady state concentration
  • Dynamic Perfusion: product can be removed and cells reach high peak VCD

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