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By on January 22, 2018
Ask the Expert

Unlocking the complexities of cancer is an ongoing challenge. Luckily, a countless number of researchers are working every day – determined to understand the causes and behaviors of cancer in search of new and better ways to more effectively treat the disease.

Corning Life Sciences supports this important research with reliable lab products that deliver consistent, repeatable results. Matrigel® matrix, Transwell® permeable supports and spheroid microplates are just a few Corning products being used to create more in vivo-like 3D environments used in cutting edge cancer research studies.

This week Corning experts will be answering your questions on cancer research – our scientists are ready to support you in areas ranging from 3D cell culture to tumor formation and angiogenesis to invasion/migration assays.

About Our Experts

Corning experts include Paula Flaherty, Technology Manager, Jeffrey Partridge, Senior Development Scientist, Hilary Sherman and Audrey Bergeron, both Applications Scientists. Paula has extensive experience in developing cell based assays. Jeff has over 20 years’ experience in cancer research, including using animal models as well as in vitro invasion and migration systems such as Corning® BioCoat™ Matrigel® Invasion Chambers and Corning FluoroBlok™ Cell Culture Inserts. Hilary has extensive experience with cancer cell migration, immune oncology assays and 3D cell culture. Audrey has experience with cultures and applications of primary and engineered immune cells as well as with high throughput 2D and 3D assays.

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