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  • DMSO – Cryopreservation Comes With a Cost

    Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is frequently used in cell banking applications as a cryoprotectant. When added to media, DMSO prevents intracellular and extracellular crystals from forming in cells during the...

    • Posted 11 November, 2011
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  • T-Cell Expansion Using Perfusion in Closed-System Bioreactors

    A Guest Blog by Shannon Eaker, Ph.D., GE Healthcare, Executive Account Manager, Technology Lead – T-Cell Applications, Cell Technologies DivisionThe ability to culture T-cells for Cell Therapeutic use is...

    • Posted 8 November, 2011
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  • Cell Therapy and the use of Plasma Derived Ingredients

    The promise of new therapies gives us hope— hope that we can battle the diseases that cause human suffering. Yes, there are risks, but it is hope that is...

    • Posted 3 November, 2011
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  • Iron Chelates – Trick or Treat?

    Treat Iron is an essential part of any serum-free media formulation. Cells need iron to maintain health and to continue to grow and divide. In nature, iron is delivered...

    • Posted 1 November, 2011
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  • Serum for Vaccine Cell Culture – Trick or Treat?

    Treat Using fetal bovine serum in vaccine cell culture production is commonplace. The cells used to produce viruses, such as VERO and MDCK, are more sensitive to changes in...

    • Posted 31 October, 2011
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