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  • Maintaining cell differentiation until transplanted into tissue, used as a self repair solution.
    New Wave: Cell-Based Therapies

    Regenerative medicine is beginning to change the market for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Utilizing the new technology of cell-based therapies has the potential to impact prolonged medical conditions...

    • 6 January, 2011
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  • Hidden costs in cell culture
    The True Cost of Cell Culture

    Since its inception, the cost of mammalian cell culture has decreased significantly. As we have gained experience growing cells, making media, producing components, etc., cell culture has become faster,...

    • 4 October, 2010
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  • Veruca Salt & Bioproduction: I want it now!

    In the early stages of biologics development the bioproduction group faces many challenges, a major one being that the therapeutic molecule is typically in very high demand from many...

    • Posted 7 September, 2010
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  • Who Do You Rely On for Your Information on Innovation in Cell Culture Optimization?

    Advancements in cell culture media and supplementation continues to saturate the cell culture market, making it impossible for scientists to know what is out there that will work best...

    • Posted 30 August, 2010
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  • Transferrin Improves the Performance of Serum-Free Media

    Iron is required by cells and iron is an essential part of any serum-free media formulation. Cells must maintain proper intracellular iron levels. Without iron, cells usually fail to...

    • Posted 16 August, 2010
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